• August - 2018
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    Mercedes C Parham

    Columbus, GA
    —The Woodall GNETS Program was recently recognized by the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) for successfully implementing 98 percent of its strategic plan components. The program is one of only seven in the state to achieve a rate of 98 percent or higher.

    The review was conducted on-site by the GNETS state program manager in accordance with the end of year strategic plan compliance reviews assessed by GaDOE. According to a release by GaDOE, the goal of the review process was to determine how well each team implemented the strategic plan components with fidelity. If the evidence presented clearly supported the implementation of the components, an operational rating was accepted. If the evidence did not clearly support implementation of the components, ratings were changed to more accurately reflect the level of implementation. Samples of evidence were required for the following components:

    • Program Leadership- Activities that support the implementation of the strategic plan initiatives.
    • Behavior and Therapeutic Supports- Activities and documentation that supports students’ participation in social-emotional/behavioral supports that meet their needs.
    • Instruction and Academic Supports- Lessons and activities to support students’ access to standards and skills-based instruction as well as data to monitor proficiency and growth.
    • Program Funding and Fiscal Management- Documentation of procurement procedures and fiscal management of GNETS grant funds.
    • Integration and Capacity Building-Documentation of activities of collaboration with external stakeholders to ensure opportunities for students to receive services and supports in the least restrictive environment.
    • Accountability- Documentation or activities to support stakeholders’ engagement in the expectations and outcomes of the strategic plan ratings and areas for improvement.
    • Facilities- Documentation of ongoing communication with key stakeholders to advocate for and maintain safe and healthful facilities for students.
    • Overall success with implementing components of the strategic plan:
      • Below 70%: Limited success with evidence of implementation
      • Between 70%-79%: Good success with evidence of implementation
      • 80% and above: Great success with evidence of implementation
    The sum of the ratings was divided by the maximum score that could be earned from each section of the plan to generate an overall percent.

    The mission of the Muscogee County School District is to inspire and equip all students to achieve unlimited potential. For more information, please contact the Office of Communications at 706.748.2034 or communications@muscogee.k12.ga.us.

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    Mercedes C Parham
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    Mercedes C Parham

    The Muscogee County School District is pleased to announce our plans to begin using the Raptor Visitor Management System in all of our schools.In addition to our current comprehensive school safety program, the Raptor system will allow us to identify and screen visitors, contractors, and volunteers upon entrance. This will provide us with a safer environment for our students and personnel.

    Upon entrance, visitors will be asked to present identification (I.D.), such as a Driver’s License, which can either be scanned or manually entered into the system.If a parent or guardian for any reason does not have a U.S. government-issued I.D., the school staff member can use an alternate form of identification to manually enter the person’s name into the Raptor system. The Raptor system will then check to ensure that registered sexual offenders are not entering our school campuses without our knowledge.

    The Raptor system checks the visitor's name and date of birth for comparison with a national database of registered sex offenders.The registered sex offender database is the only official database checked by the Raptor system.No other data from the I.D. is gathered or recorded and the information is not shared with any outside agencies.

    Once entry is approved, Raptor will issue a badge that identifies the visitor (by name), date, and the purpose of his/her visit.A visitor’s badge will not be necessary for those who visit our schools simply to drop off an item in the office or pick up paperwork.

    The safety of our students is our highest priority and the Raptor visitor management system allows us to quickly identify those that may present a danger to our students. Thank you in advance for your understanding and support in enhancing the school safety protocols in our district.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

    Muscogee County School District Security Department

    706-748-2860, 706-748-2870

    Muscogee County School District Risk Management Department

    706-748-2380, 706-748-2079

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    Mercedes C Parham

    For MCSD Parents and Students:

    Due to the volume of transportation requests received for the 2018-2019 school year, if you have not yet received a bus pass, please plan to provide transportation for your students August 8-10, 2018. All routes will be communicated and distributed by close of business, Monday, August 13, 2018. All bus passes will be forwarded to your student's school(s).

    If you have any questions concerning shuttle transportation for magnet students, please contact Randy Ruff or Doug Goodine at 706-748-6985. They will be able to provide you bus information based on your student's assigned location.

    Muscogee County School District Transportation Department

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    William S Harcourt

    The new Professional Learning application is live. You can access the app via the staff portal under the button labeled "professional learning" or through the link below:

    Professional Learning App

  • July - 2018
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    Mercedes C Parham

    Under Georgia Act 31, children of military service members, who live on Fort Benning, are allowed to attend any public school located within the Muscogee County School District, if space is available for additional enrollment. Parents may complete an application for a Fort Benning Transfer (FBT) request on site at the Central Registration Office in the Muscogee County Public Education Center, 2960 Macon Road, Columbus, Georgia, 31906. The application must be completed at the time of registration and submitted to the Central Registration Office staff.

    Four schools are not eligible for FBT requests:
    1. Britt David Magnet Academy
    2. Clubview Elementary School
    3. Columbus High School
    4. Rainey-McCullers School of the Arts

    FBT request decisions are considered on a case-by-case basis and determined based on space available at the requested school. Parents or legal guardians who apply for an FBT request are notified of their applicant status by phone or e-mail. FBT requests are automatically denied when there are no available seats at the requested school due to class size restrictions. There are no appeals for FBT decisions. If approved,the parent or legal guardian is responsible for transportation of the student(s) to and from school.

    Required registration documents include:
    1. The child’s birth certificate
    2. Child’s social security card
    3. Withdrawal form from previous school or last report card during June and July
    4. Two proofs of address: 1. a lease, a mortgage, or property tax; and 2. a current utility bill, which states the name and service address
    5. If the parent or legal guardian lives with someone, the owner of the residence must come with the legal parent or guardian and provide the required proofs of address and photo identification. Both parties are required to complete an affidavit, which must be signed and notarized at the time of registration.
    6. Proof from The Villages permitting the parent or legal guardian and student to reside at the residence must be provided.
    7. If the child has special needs, parents and legal guardians should provide the Individual Education Plan (IEP), Section 504 Plan, eligibility verification, and psychological evaluation report.
    For more information, contact the Central Registration Office, 706-748-3217.

    The mission of the Muscogee County School District is to inspire and equip all students to achieve unlimited potential. For more information, please contact the Office of Communications at 706.748.2034 or communications@muscogee.k12.ga.us.

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    Mercedes C Parham

    Back to School 2018-Header.png

    It is almost time for our students to return to MCSD schools. The first day is Wednesday, August 8, 2018.
    See the important dates and quick links below for everything related to #backtoschool2018.

    Back to School 2018: Important Dates
    This file includes full details related to:
    1. System-Wide Verification Day times and locations (August 2)
    2. School start and end times
    3. What you need to register your child

    2018-2019 Final Registration Packet (Combined Files)
    This includes District required forms, information, notices, and more. Your school will have some additional items available to you throughout registration and verification day. This will help you get ahead! Feel free to fill in this information ahead of time and bring it with you to your school or the Public Education Center to speed up your process.

    2018-2019 MCSD Parent Guide and Calendar
    This calendar includes the District's important dates for the full year, resourceful numbers, and helpful notes related to District programs and/or initiatives.

    ***Important note: the printed version of this calendar incorrectly lists the last day of school and graduation during the week of May 16. The correct dates are in the link above and below for your reference.***

    1. The last day of school is May 23, 2019.
    2. Elementary Report Cards go out May 23, 2019.
    3. Graduation exercise will be held May 23-25, 2019.

    2018-2019 Elementary School Supply List
    2018-2019 Middle School Supply List

    For full details related to registration and/or verification, contact your student's assigned school.

    Not sure where you are assigned? That is ok. Check here: bit.do/schoolzones

    Not sure where to start for registration? Contact Central Registration:

    Follow us on Facebook for updates!

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    Mercedes C Parham

    KHS EAA Air Academy.jpgColumbus, GA
    —The Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc. (EAA) recently announced in a press release that Darian Holcomb, a rising senior at Kendrick High School, was selected to be a participant in the EAA Advanced Air Academy 2018 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, July 17-25, 2018. Participants in the EAA Air Academy span across the nation and several foreign countries. Holcomb returned from the Academy on Wednesday, July 25, 2018, to a surprise celebration, at Kendrick High School with staff and community members.

    “We are very excited and glad to celebrate in Darien’s achievement. We hope this will inspire other students to participate in aviation programs. Students like Darien serve as great role models for our students and we hope that Darien will continue demonstrating great character as he prepares for his upcoming senior year,” said Dr. Alonzo James, Principal, Kendrick High School.

    The Advanced Air Academy, a camp dedicated for ages 16, 17, and 18, includes hands-on learning activities with experienced aviation instructors. Each participant is provided with ground instruction and introductory recreation flight experiences through flight studies, demonstrations, simulation. Several days of the Academy take place during the world's largest aviation event--EAA AirVenture 2018.

    "The EAA Air Academy teaches young people new skills and instills a pride of craftsmanship. More importantly, it develops their leadership potential and broadens their understanding of both aviation and themselves. The BAA Air Academy is a benchmark of - personal experience...and an aviation experience that will last a lifetime," said Bob Campbell, EAA Director of Museum and Museum Education.

    Holcomb has been a member of the local EAA chapter (no. 677) since 2013 as a Young Eagle. He mentors other Young Eagle members and volunteers locally with the Columbus Metropolitan Airport. All Air Academy related expenses, including airfare, were paid by the local
    EAA chapter's scholarship program. Gary Brossett, a member of the chapter, presented Holcomb with a certificate recognizing his selection as a scholarship recipient to attend the camp

    The EAA has more than 180,000 members worldwide and is headquartered in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The local EAA chapter is one of 900 chapters in the nation.

    The mission of the Muscogee County School District is to inspire and equip all students to achieve unlimited potential. For more information, please contact the Office of Communications at 706.748.2034 or communications@muscogee.k12.ga.us.

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  • June - 2018
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    Haley R Borin

    The Muscogee County School District will be holding a school supply donation drive to help students in need prepare for the upcoming school year. If you are interested in donating school supplies, please see the attached documentation for a full list of needed supplies. It is our mission to inspire and equip all students to achieve unlimited potential, and through your donation, you are helping MCSD fulfill that mission. We thank you for your partnership!

    Elementary School Supply List
    Middle School Supply List

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    Mercedes C Parham

    Columbus, GA
    — The Muscogee County School District is pleased to announce Abiyerra Thomas, a Jordan High School senior, placed 2nd in the 2018 Annual National Association of Women in Construction’s (NAWIC) Student Design Drafting Competition.

    According to the NAWIC, “This year’s project was to design a tiny house capable of travel, while incorporating common household essentials that were detailed in the project requirements, along with adding specialized design features that are both important to the designer and unique to the designer’s house.”

    Entries were evaluated for detail, accuracy and originality of work. Contestants were judged at the local and regional levels earlier this year. Thomas placed 1st in both the Regional and State competitions this year.

    “I had confidence she would do well because she is very meticulous in detail and would try over and over to perfect her design,” said Clayton Graham, architecture and engineering program teacher at Jordan High School.

    Graham has served as a mentor and Skills USA sponsor throughout Thomas’ matriculation at Jordan High School. She began her studies within the District’s Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) career clusters and pathways her freshman year. She and her family left the area her sophomore year and returned the following year. Graham noted she requested to return to the area to continue her involvement with the CTAE program offerings. Thomas graduated from Jordan High School in May 2018. She was recognized by the NAWIC’s Atlanta, Georgia Chapter for her achievement, during an anniversary luncheon, in Atlanta on June 13, 2018.

    The competition, hosted by the NAWIC Education Foundation (NEF), is designed for Senior High School and College level students. The contest provides recognition to students for creative design, successful problem solving, and craftsmanship in preparing architectural drawings. NEF, established by the NAWIC in 1972, provides educational opportunities and programs to benefit and promote the construction industry.

    The mission of the Muscogee County School District is to inspire and equip all students to achieve unlimited potential. For more information, please contact the Office of Communications at 706.748.2034 or communications@muscogee.k12.ga.us.

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