• By Ronald E Pleasant
  • Monday, October 16, 2017


In 2017, the MCSD Board of Education worked closely with its attorney Greg Ellington as well as the policy services arm of the Georgia School Boards Association to undergo a full scale policy review and revision process.

The Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct are designed to be in harmony with Board policy. Please be aware that the Handbook is updated annually, in keeping with Georgia laws, while policy adoption and revision may occur throughout the year as deemed appropriate by the Board of Education.

Changes in policy that affect student handbook provisions will be made available to students and parents through the MCSD website.

In case of conflict between any written documents and the Board policy documents available online, the provisions of Board policy or the Student Code of Conduct that were most recently adopted by the Board are to be followed. In the event of specific questions about the text or meaning of any Board policy language, please contact Ms. Karen Jones, Executive Assistant to the Board of Education / Superintendent, and she will be able to ensure that any questions are routed to the appropriate District personnel.


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