• By Jasmine S Agyemang
  • Monday, February 25, 2019

MCSD Media Specialist of the Year comes from East Columbus Magnet Academy

The Muscogee County School District has announced its Media Specialist of the year – Mrs. Marissa Brookins.

Mrs. Brookins, who is a media specialist for East Columbus Magnet Academy, has been with the school district for eight years. Knowing that she has an opportunity to make a positive impact on students and staff members inspires her to do her job well every day.

“It’s my way of making a difference in others’ lives; whether it’s teaching a class in a fun new way, helping a teacher edit video for a project, finding the right book for a student, locating resources a teacher needs for a lesson, or just simply being the person a student can rely each day,” she says.

But it’s not always an easy task as Mrs. Brookins serves as a resource for up to 600 students and 60 staff members. While it can be a challenge, she says her role is very rewarding.

Some of her responsibilities include teaching a class in a new fun way, helping a teacher edit a video for a project, finding the right book for a student, and locating resources a teacher may need for a student.

Mrs. Brookins was the first media specialist to renovate her fiction section and the first to start building a collection for a makerspace.

“My absolute favorite thing [about this job] is when I can spark or continue a love of reading in a student,” Mrs. Brookins says. “I enjoy what I do and I’m proud to be one among many classroom teachers and media specialists who wake up each day with the opportunity to impact others in meaningful ways.”

Marissa Brookins was selected based on the criteria set forth by the Georgia Library Media Association (GLMA). The applicant had to have at least three years of experience as a certified library media specialist, be a member of GLMA, and have reference letters.

Congratulations Mrs. Brookins!


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