• By Mercedes Parham
  • Friday, September 11, 2020

Re-opening Phase One Reminders

The District will proceed with the choice model for instruction, in two phases, as outlined in the re-opening phase-in plan:

  • Phase One-September 14, 2020: Students in grades Pre-K-2, 6, 9, and specialized/self-contained classes will proceed with the choice model; all other students will remain on the virtual instruction model.
  • Phase Two-September 21, 2020: All students in grades Pre-K-12 will proceed with the choice model. Students without a declaration on record will be marked for in-person instruction.

What to expect/remember for in-person return:

  • Arrival: Each school will conduct temperature checks and review students for any signs/symptoms of illness. Please arrive early to ensure safety checks are conducted in a timely manner.
  • Bathroom breaks/hallway transitions: Breaks and transitions will be directed by each school to limit contact between individuals.
  • Breakfast/lunch:
    • Students will eat meals in areas designated by each school.
    • Meals are currently free per the USDA Summer Meals program waiver through December 31, 2020.
    • Once the waiver ends, schools will require payment for meals based upon each student’s paying status on record.
    • Parents can complete free and reduced meal applications prior to September 29, 2020 to be considered for eligibility. Applications are available on the District's website, at each school, or at the Public Education Center on 2960 Macon Road.
  • Check-out procedures: Parents should notify schools in advance of plans to check out students.
  • Devices: Make sure each student’s device is fully charged prior to arrival.
  • Face masks/coverings: All students, staff, and visitors are required to wear face masks and/or CDC-approved coverings prior to entering any District site.
  • Lockers: To prevent the spread of illness, students will not have access to lockers. Students with medical concerns or extenuating circumstances should notify each school administrator to review potential accommodations.
  • P.E./Recess: Outdoor or physical activities will be directed by each school location at the discretion of each school's administration.
  • Transportation: If you are able, please provide transportation for your student. If your student must ride the bus to school, note the following:
    • Each bus is equipped with hand sanitizer stations for student use upon entry.
    • Bus routes will be impacted by anticipated delays of 15-20 minutes.
    • If you experience delays beyond 20 minutes, please contact transportation's dispatch line: 706-748-2876.
  • Visitation: In accordance with guidelines for social distancing, visitor entry is limited and based upon the discretion of each school administration team. Parents will not be permitted beyond each school's designated common entry points.
  • Water: We encourage each student to bring his/her own water for the safest measure. However, students will have access to water fountains with limited use.

Safety expectations for in-person students:

  • Stay home if you/your student(s) are displaying any signs or symptoms of illness.
  • Wear face masks or coverings at all District sites.
  • Observe District social distancing guidelines upon entry.
  • Avoid direct contact with District staff and other guests.
  • Wash or sanitize hands before entering the building, before meals, after bathroom breaks, after sneezing/coughing, and frequently throughout the instructional day.
  • Avoid sharing personal items such as pens, pencils, devices, etc. to prevent cross-contamination.


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