Submission Guidelines

There are great things happening in the Muscogee County School District—in our schools and departments—and we want to share the good news. If you have a story idea or event that you think is newsworthy, submit a news submission form.
District Recognitions and Events
  • For district recognition, an award must focus on an event or achievement at the district (or higher) level.
School Recognitions and Events
  • Information about school events, awards, and recognitions should be submitted to the school’s webmaster.
Deadline for Submissions
  • Due to the large volume of requests, and in an effort to provide excellent customer service and ensure timely management, the Department of Communications asks that you submit your information at least two weeks prior to the actual date of the event.
Responsibility for Submissions about School Recognitions
  • It is the responsibility of the principal or his/ her designee to submit accurate and complete information and to make sure that each student named or pictured has a signed AUP on file at the school.
Adequate Information about the Event
  • As you submit news or information, please be thorough: Who? What? When? Why? Where? How? Assume no one knows anything about your event or recognition. Spell out abbreviations. Complete all applicable fields.
Contact Information
  • We must have your email address to be able to respond to your submission and verify your information. Also include your phone number and your relationship with the school district.

Contact Information

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Event Information

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Event Category

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Note: All event submissions will be sent to the media.


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