Fox Elementary School

Grades K - 5th   District 8   346 Students

600 38th Street, Columbus, GA 31904
Phone 706-748-2723, Fax 706-748-2726

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The vision of Fox Elementary is that all students will be on or above grade level in reading and math by the end of the year. We believe that all of our students can learn and become leaders and problem solvers ready for college, the workplace, or the military. We are committed to ensuring the learning environment is safe, rigorous, and teaches life skills, such as kindness, responsibility, respect, and leadership.

School Accolades

In February 2017 Fox Elementary was recognized at the School Board Meeting for typical or above Student Growth Percentiles. We were 5th in ELA and 3rd in Math! This is very exciting, as it shows that our students received at least a year's worth of growth for a year's worth of instruction. We are very proud of our students and staff for this award.

Fox Elementary won the Partners in Education Award for Success Factor #1: Improving Student Achievement last May. Our Partner in Education, Pierce Chapel United Methodist Church sends approximately 50 volunteers every week to read with 3rd grade students. This weekly Reading Buddy time made a huge difference in student reading levels, attendance, and discipline referrals for our 3rd grade students. This year our friends at Pierce Chapel even asked for reading training so they could serve our students better. This relationship with our Partner in Education, Pierce Chapel United Methodist Church, has seen great results and we are delighted to continue this program.

We are also excited to announce that we received a grant that will allow us to partner with The Springer Opera House to provide the PAIR program to our teachers. They will learn how to integrate the arts into the curriculum to give students a richer classroom experience.

Partners In Education

  • Burger King
  • Brookstone School
  • Pierce Chapel United Methodist Church
  • Amerigroup

Alison Traylor Waldrop

Alison Traylor Waldrop
Jennifer Lambert Delaney
Jennifer Lambert Delaney

Jessie Lewis Warren
Jessie Lewis Warren

Board Representatives
Margot Schley [District 8]
Kia Chambers [At Large]

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