Georgetown Elementary School

Grades K - 5th   District 4   540 Students

954 High Lane, Columbus, GA 31907
Phone 706-565-2980, Fax 706-565-2985

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Georgetown Elementary School (GES) is a K-5 based school that promotes teamwork and helping students focus on learning. The mission, vision , and values of Georgetown Elementary School align with that of the Muscogee County School District. We are committed to inspiring and equipping all of our students to achieve unlimited potential and to aggressively teach, empower, and motivate our students by providing a nurturing learning environment through varied learning experiences. We work hard towards instilling respect for self, others, our school, and the community. This is done by communicating high expectations for all, including not only our students, but our faculty and staff as well, and by encouraging our students to become lifelong achievers. Here at Georgetown, we strive to be a beacon of light for every student, every day, so that our students can perform on or above grade level in all core academic subjects. The staff of GES uses data to drive our instruction in an effort to provide learning experiences that meet the needs of all students. The faculty and staff of GES maximizes and organizes instructional time to efficiently maximize the learning experience. GES instructors work collaboratively to align the curriculum and to offer educational experiences that are characteristic of the 21st Century Classroom. Our faculty and staff also develop instructional strategies that are interactive, hands-on, and engaging and that challenges our students. We provide a rigorous curriculum that aids in the development of critical thinking skills and that teaches students to become effective problem-solvers.

School Accolades

  • MCSD Achieve 3000 School of the Year 2016
  • National PTA School of Excellence for 2015-2017
  • Math Team
  • Science Olympics Team
  • Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Participants
  • Art Club
  • Chorus
  • District Spelling Bee
  • Student of the Month Recognition
  • Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
  • Principal List Celebrations
  • Honor Roll Celebrations
  • Uniform Parade
  • End of Nine Weeks Celebration
  • After School Tutorial Programs
  • Before/After School Childcare ( Parks & Recreation Dept. of Columbus, GA)
  • Parenting Workshops
  • Families And Schools Together (FAST) Parenting Program
  • Uniform School (Students)

Partners In Education

  • Sam's Club
  • Ruff Ryder's Motorcycle Club
  • Holsey Chapel CME Church
  • School Tools & Toys

Michael R Forte

Michael R Forte
Terri Massa
Terri Massa

Board Representatives
Naomi Buckner [District 4]
Kia Chambers [At Large]

Zone Chief

Transportation Supervisors
Peter Danois
Transportation Supervisor

Debra Lewis
Transportation Supervisor (Special Needs)