Midland Middle School

Grades 6th - 8th   District 6   439 Students

6990 Warm Springs Road, Midland, GA 31820
Phone 706-569-3673, Fax 706-569-3678

School Website: https://midlandmiddleschoo.wix.com/mysite
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This is a great time to be a Midland Jaguar! Our motto at Midland Middle is "We did not come here to be average" and our faculty, staff, and administrators have prepared a school year that is anything but “average.” Middle school years are the years that prepare students for great things in high school and beyond. Since we opened in 1999, we have encouraged our students to believe in themselves, stretch themselves, and to get involved with activities that challenge them and grow character, integrity, and academic success. In 2016, we began refreshing our building and adding to and strengthening our academic programs in order to provide more enrichment and acceleration opportunities for all students. We offer high school credit for Physical Science, Algebra, and Spanish, in addition to our regular and other advanced courses. When students take advantage of this, they get more from their Midland experience and the school year will move quickly! So students, study hard, make new friends, participate in extra-curricular activities, attend school functions, and compete with or cheer on your fellow Jaguars!

Midland’s Vision:

To inspire and equip all students to achieve unlimited potential. We embrace equity and diversity, hold ourselves and others to the same high standards, commit to continuous learning and improvement, and treat everyone with dignity and respect, as we serve the needs of others.

School Accolades

During Midland Middle School's 18 year history, we have built a rich history of success and excellence in academics, the arts, and in athletics. A stroll through the school reveals multiple rows of banners celebrating championships in our gym, and our four trophy cases house multiple trophies and plaques for academic, artistic, and athletic achievement. Some of our most recent accolades include the following:

  • Four Star School
  • 2nd Place - Science Olympiad (Rocks and Minerals)
  • 2 First Place Winners - District Social Studies Fair (State Bound)
  • 1st Place - District Science Fair (State Bound)
  • 2nd Place - District Science Fair
  • Science and Engineering Award - Columbus / Phenix City Inventors Association
  • District Spelling Bee Champion
  • 1st Place - Audubon Art Contest
  • 2nd Place - Audubon Art Contest
  • 2nd Place - Steeplechase Children's Art Show
  • 1st Place - Georgia Movie Academy
  • 2nd Place - Georgia Movie Academy
  • Superior - Chorus LGPE
  • Excellent - Orchestra LGPE
  • Excellent - Band LGPE
  • City Champion Junior Marshall Team
  • 2nd Place - Junior Varsity Wheelchair Football
  • 2nd Place - Junior Varsity Wheelchair Basketball
  • 2nd Place - Boys' Soccer
  • Division Champion - Football
  • City Champion - Football

Partners In Education

  • Chick-fil-a at Kitten Lake
  • McDonalds on Flatrock Road
  • 194th Armored

Keisha L Cook

Keisha L Cook
James E Maye
James E Maye


Cheryl Lix
Cheryl Lix


Board Representatives
Mark Cantrell [District 6]
Kia Chambers [At Large]

Zone Chief