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General Information

Muscogee County School District’s wage and salary program for all employees is based on the administrative practices established for the District.

Our compensation philosophy is to pay wage and salary rates, which attract, motivate, and retain a highly qualified and competent work force. Our goal is to provide employees with a total rewards package that is competitive with other school districts. Though an employee’s pay is usually the most visible part of compensation, Muscogee County School Districts’ total rewards package includes a number of great benefits.

This page provides general guidance and information regarding Compensation Structure. To contact us for clarification or additional information, email us at

Compensation Structure

The salary ranges for all classifications are based on an annualized work schedule.

  • Allows employees to see the relationship between jobs
  • Takes into account that some positions work fewer days in a respective School year i.e. Teachers, 190 days, Paraprofessional: 190 days, Bus Drivers: 186 days; etc.,
The same salary schedules are used for all classifications to maintain internal equity within the District.

Overview of Educational Support and Administrative Salary Schedules

For educational support and administrative salary schedules, the difference between the minimum and maximum salary for each classification level has been divided into 20 equal units.

  • Each unit is used as a “tier” to differentiate the initial placement of each employee to maintain relativity among current employees within the pay grade.
  • Once an employee in a non-certified position is placed on the new salary schedule, the salary remains until the Board Of Education (BOE) approves a cost of living adjustment (COLA) or any other salary increase measures on a percentage or flat rate.
  • The salary schedule will then be adjusted based on the decision of the BOE.
As required by Georgia Department of Education’s State Education Rules (GBA (5)160-5-2-.05), all certified educators in teaching positions will be paid in accordance with their experience for salary purposes. Certified salary placement is based upon two factors:
  • Certification level
  • Previous year of verified experience.
For additional information, review the Ga DOE Experience for Salary Purposes. Employees’ annual salaries are based on the number of days worked in a fiscal year. Any employee that starts after the 1st day of the school year will receive a prorated salary.

Salary Schedules

Salary Schedules can be found at the following link: Salary Schedules

Department of Compensation Contacts

Lora Atkins Compensation Specialist – Support

706-748-2045 (Main)
706-748-2150 (Fax)

Vacant Compensation Specialist / Professional

706-748-2032 (Main)
706-748-2150 (Fax)

Kimberly Nelson Compensation Specialist - Substitutes

706-748-2031 (Main)
706-748-2150 (Fax)

Tammy Odom Compensation/Benefits Manager

706-748-2025 (Main)
706-748-2150 (Fax)

Lynn Romeo Compensation/Employment Processes Analyst

706-748-2003 (Main)
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