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Frequently Asked Questions For Dental Insurance

Who is the dental benefit carrier?


How do I get an ID card or replacement card?

Go online to MetLife website: and register or call MetLife at 1-800-438-6388.

Do you have to see certain dentist to be covered?

No, any licensed dentist is covered to perform your dental care. However it is beneficial to see a participating dentist for possible lower out of pocket expense and less paperwork.

How do I find a participating dentist?

Go online to MetLife website:

Frequently Asked Questions For Vision Insurance

Does MCSD offer vision benefits?

MCSD does not offer vision insurance but there is a vision discount plan offered by MetLife called the VisionACCESS Program. You and your family are automatically enrolled in the program, as a MCSD employee, at no cost.

Can I see any vision care specialist?

The vision discount is available when you visit a participating vision care practice/provider. Provide your program code MET2020. Discount examples are eye exams, glasses, contacts, etc.

How do I find a participating list of providers and get more details?

Go online to MetLife website: or call MetLife at 1-800-438-6388 (Say “Vision” then select option 2)

Frequently Asked Questions For Flex Spending Accounts

Who administers the Flex Spending Accounts for MCSD?

Consolidated Administrative Services

I lost my FSA card. How do I get a replacement card?

Call Consolidated Admin Services at 1-877-941-5956

How do I check my FSA balance?

Go to Consolidated Admin website to register for online access or you may call 1-877-941-5956.

What expenses are eligible/ineligible for FSA?

Go online to Consolidated Admin at website to view or print a list of eligible and ineligible expenses. Information is also located on the MCSD website.

Frequently Asked Questions For Aflac

Are employees offered Aflac products?

Yes. They are offered cancer, accident, and critical illness products through payroll deduction.

How do I enroll?

A new employee may enroll within 30 days, or anyone may enroll during the open enrollment period each year.

What happens when someone leaves employment with MCSD?

The premium will remain the same and the employee will pay Aflac direct.

Frequently Asked Questions For Life Insurance

Are employees offered life insurance products?

Yes. MCSD will pay for one-time annual salary for basic term life coverage for any benefits eligible employee. It does not build cash value.

Are there any other life insurance products?

MCSD offers additional term life products for employee, spouse and children if you wish to enroll and pay premiums. The additional life is payroll deducted monthly.

What happens when I leave MCSD?

You may port or convert your term life insurance and should contact the Benefits Office if interested in receiving a premium quote. It will then be considered a personal policy and you will pay the company directly. Premium amounts will increase and coverage will end at age 70.

Frequently Asked Questions For New York Life Insurance

How does this compare to the other life products?

This is a whole life product, builds cash value, and does not have an age cap.

How does an employee enroll?

Once you’ve been employed for six months, and at the next open enrollment, an employee may apply.

What happens when I leave MCSD?

The premium will remain the same and since it is a personal policy, premiums are paid directly to New York Life.

Frequently Asked Questions For Health Insurance

I’m a former employee, how do I apply for COBRA for my health insurance?

State Health Benefit Plan will contact you directly with continuation of coverage paperwork 7-10 days after your insurance coverage ends. Complete and return the forms with premium payment to reactivate your plan. Because you pay for your health insurance one month in advance, you will not receive the COBRA paperwork until approximately 37 days after your last health insurance deduction from your MCSD paycheck.

I’m a spouse of a MCSD employee and my spouse needs to add me to their insurance due to a qualifying event outside of open enrollment. How are changes made?

Contact Benefits by email for the current instructions and handouts at

I’m a retiree of MCSD and I have questions about my health insurance with SHBP or need to update my contact information with them. Who can I contact for the update?

Please contact State Health Benefit Plan directly at 1-800-610-1863. MCSD does not have access to your account after you retire.

Frequently Asked Questions For Retirement

I have left MCSD, how do I apply for a refund of contributions from TRS?

Apply online for your refund at

I want to register online with TRS to view my account information but I do not know my TRS ID number.

  • Any TRS correspondence you’ve received will have your TRS ID number
  • It is located on the welcome letter a member receives at the time of his/her membership
  • A member can request it as part of the “create your account” process on the TRS website or by contacting TRS at 1-800-352-0650

I have left MCSD, how do I apply for a refund of contributions from Public School Retirement System?

Contact PSERS at 1-800-805-4609 to request a refund.

How do I withdraw my funds from my 403(b) account?

Contact your 403(b) company to inform them of your intent. The 403(b) company will send you forms to be completed. Once completed, fax or mail your forms to Arista Consulting Group for the required employer signature. MCSD cannot sign the paperwork.
Call 1-877-4FIRST6 (877-434-7786)
or Fax: 1-678-533-6041
Mail: Arista Consulting Group
4550 North Point Pkwy. Suite 250
Alpharetta, GA 30022

Frequently Asked Questions For Fingerprint and Background Report

Why do I have to be fingerprinted?

Most states in the U.S. since 2000 have implemented the requirement of school district employees to have a thorough background check, using FBI and state fingerprint databases, to better insure the safety of the children in our care. Georgia School Code 20-2-211 (e) (1) states that “All personnel employed by a local unit of administration (school district) after July 1, 2000……shall be fingerprinted and have a criminal record check made………” Since teachers and other certificated employees have to be fingerprinted upon employment and every 5 years for recertification, the MCSD school board passed a policy in 2001 requiring all other MCSD employees to also be re-fingerprinted and have a criminal activity report processed in 5 year cycles. The date used is the date of hire or last date of fingerprinting, whichever is most recent.

I was fingerprinted when I was hired in May. Doesn’t that report meet the legal requirements?

It does not meet recertification requirements. The Georgia Professional Standards Commission requires that certificated personnel must have a background report done in the school year (7/01/2016 – 6/30/2017) in which their certification renewal application is completed. Therefore, we cannot use a report dated prior to 7/01/16 for a June 30, 2017 certification renewal.

Can’t you use my past fingerprints to get the process completed?

Applicant prints for employment are not kept in the fingerprint database at Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC). Only criminal prints are maintained on file. Therefore, Georgia Crime Information Center must have a current set of scanned fingerprints for processing.

Who has access to the final report? Does my supervisor see it?

The only MCSD personnel who have access to criminal activity reports are the HR fingerprint administrator, respective HR upper management, and the Ethics Division of the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. The reports are kept separate from other personnel records. No principal, director or other supervisor may have access to the criminal record report. The only time information from a report is shared with a principal/director/supervisor is when those issues have job-related implications.

I am not a certificated employee, and I think I have been fingerprinted more recently than 5 years ago. Do I still have to be fingerprinted?

If you have any questions concerning the last fingerprint date, contact Ms. Chris Estes , Human Resources or at (706) 748-2038.

I was just fingerprinted for another job/volunteer opportunity/firearm permit. Can’t that report be used?

As defined by federal and state regulations, the Criminal Record Report may only be used by the respective employer that submitted the fingerprints. We can not be allowed access to reports issued to other agencies/organizations.

What if I refuse to participate?

Any employee who needs to complete this process and who has not completed it by the deadline, will be suspended or terminated from employment until compliance is complete.

I am retiring in June. Do I still have to be fingerprinted?

If you hold a teaching certificate and want to maintain its validity, you will need to complete the certification renewal process, which mandates fingerprinting background checks. If you are not certificated, that is a personal decision; however, you would not be eligible for re-employment in any position without meeting the mandated fingerprinting requirement. If you plan on substitute teaching, there is higher pay for substitutes having a valid teaching certificate.

Why do I have to pay?

MCSD only charges the employee what Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) charges to process the criminal record report. MCSD does not charge for administering the fingerprinting.