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What is pre-qualification?

Pre-qualification is a process that involves the review of your online application and supporting documents to determine if you meet the criteria to be considered for interviews for the jobs you apply for consideration. During this process, someone on our staff may contact you by phone or email if there are questions or missing information. The timeframe for pre-qualification varies depending on applicant submission of required supporting documentation, applicant volume and other factors.

Are current MCSD employees eligible to be considered for any posted position?

Classroom teachers and Paraprofessionals are eligible to be considered for lateral moves only during the formal Board Policy transfer period (see online Board Policy Manual – Professional Personnel Transfer – Descriptor Code: GBM). Generally, the transfer application period opens in March and closes on April 15. Transfer requests will be acted upon as soon as possible, but no later than July 1. Outside of the formal transfer period, a classroom teacher may be considered for Academic Coach and Instructional Specialist positions for example, and for other positions that involve a different role than direct instruction and that are not considered a lateral move. Consideration for an interview is based on pre-qualification. Paraprofessionals may be considered for clerical positions or classroom teaching positions outside of the transfer period for example, provided they meet pre-qualification criteria. Click here for more information on the transfer process.

Is it possible to be pre-qualified for more than one position?

Yes. Our pre-qualified lists are by position and/or job category. For example, there is a list for Clerical and one for Early Childhood Education P-5, and many others. If you apply for a teaching job and become pre-qualified for that job but later apply for a clerical job, you will also have to be pre-qualified for clerical before you can be considered for interviews for clerical jobs.

Is it possible to be contacted for an interview if I am pre-qualified but I did not apply for a specific position?

Yes. When your name is added to a pre-qualified list, a principal or hiring administrator may review your online application and may contact you for an interview even if you have not applied for a specific job posting.

How will I know that I have been pre-qualified?

You can check your status online by logging in to your online application. An application with the status “Forwarded to manager for review” is available for hiring principals/directors to review.

How do I find out what job openings are available?

Click here to access the online job bulletin.

Can I apply for jobs that are not posted in the Job Opportunities Bulletin?

Online applications are accepted for posted positions.

What if I do not have an email address to use to register to apply online?

An email address is not required to register. However, most of our correspondence is through email. There are several options to set up an account at no charge, for example, Yahoo, or AOL.

Whom can I contact if I have problems completing the online application?

Please call 706-748-2015 and ask for an Applicant Tracking Specialist.

How do I access the application to update my information?

Login with the username and password that you used most recently to register and submit your online application.

I forgot the username and/or password I used to register initially. What should I do?

Click on ‘I forgot my Username or Password’ located under the Menu section of the Job Listings page.

Why am I required to list my Social Security number on the application?

Our current application database contains about 20,000 applications. The Social Security number serves as an applicant’s unique identifier. In cases where applicants make a typo or key in the wrong identifying information (for example, the applicant mistakenly entered their last name in the first name field), having the social security number allows us to easily find the application in our database. Also, we use the Social Security number for Georgia certified applicants to look up their certification information on the Georgia Professional Standards Commission website. No hiring principal or supervisor can view this highly confidential information.

Is my personal information (such as my Social Security number) secure?

Yes. The information is on a secure server.

I tried to login to my existing account but it has been disabled. What should I do?

TalentEd is a new application database effective April 22, 2016. If you previously applied for a position prior to the implementation of TalentEd, the accounts did not transfer. You will need to register on TalentEd as a new applicant. Please call 706-748-2015 and ask for an Applicant Tracking Specialist if questions.

Will my application “time out” if I take a while to complete it?

It is best to plan ahead and have all information available to complete the online application in one sitting. TalentEd should not timeout. Applicants should allow approximately 45 minutes uninterrupted time for the initial application entry. Job Postings indicate a close date and time. All applications must be completed no later than the close date and time noted on the posting.

I graduated several years ago and do not remember my GPA. What should I do?

A GPA is not required. If you wish to include your GPA but do not remember it, you can complete the remainder of the application and add the GPA later. You should be able to update the application until the posting closes.

What is application supporting documentation?

Yes. The information is on a secure server.