Divisions - Office of the Superintendent

General Information

The Office of the Superintendent manages the daily operations of the school district which includes the fifty-four (54) schools and four (4) district-wide programs. The Superintendent and his staff are responsible for ensuring all schools and programs meet expected educational standards demonstrated through the district, school, and student-level achievement data. The team is also responsible for planning budgets and allocating resources at the district and school level.

The Muscogee County School System has one Superintendent of Education, one Assistant Superintendent of Education, three Region Chiefs who supervise the building level school principals, and six Division Chiefs who are responsible for leading their respective divisions.

Additionally, the Superintendent’s Office includes five departments; Communications, Construction, Internal Audit, Project Management, and Security. Each department works collaboratively with the other district divisions to provide support for schools throughout Muscogee County.

Frequently Asked Questions

The plan initiated by the Superintendent in 2014 can be found here.

A progress summary as of January 2017 is located here.

The 2015 eSPLOST projects and progress updates are located in the Public section of the school district website, located here.

The school building principal should have the opportunity to address all parent concerns before contacting the district office. Once the school principal has had the opportunity to address the parent concern, then the next level contact is the district office.

Division of Student Services (706-748-3336)

  • Issues concerning discipline, attendance, school residential zones, school transfers, and bullying

Division of Teaching and Learning (706-748-2109)
  • Issues concerning student grades, academic credits, curriculum, academic competitions, and homeschool re-entry

School Specific Region Chief (706-748-3289)
  • Any other type of school level concern not listed above

The region supervisory zone information is located here.

The school system uses an electronic platform called PeachJar to disseminate flyers to schools throughout the school system. Once a flyer has been approved for dissemination in PeachJar, parents receive an electronic copy of the flyer via email. More information about PeachJar is available here.

The school system’s security department is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Security is available via the following phone number 706-748-2860.

The MCSD Bully Hotline 706-748-2267 or via at e-mail bully.free@muscogee.k12.ga.us
You may also contact the Student Services Department at 706-748-3217.

The MCSD Communications Department at 706-748-2034.

Contact Information

Dr. David F. Lewis

706-748-2001 Fax

Karen Jones

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/Board of Education
706-748-2001 Fax

Amy Miller

Executive Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent/Regional Chief Officers
706-748-2001 Fax

Terry Baker

Regional Chief (West)
706-748-2001 Fax

Dr. Ronald Wiggins

Regional Chief (East)
706-748-2001 Fax

Matthew Bell

Regional Chief (Central)
706-748-2001 Fax