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The Muscogee County School District’s (MCSD) Project Management Office (PMO) strives to deliver high quality projects to satisfy customers. The PMO thrives in Guiding Success… Start to Finish, our Mission statement. The services we offer are:

Project Management Services

The Muscogee County School District’s (MCSD) Project Management Office (PMO) strives to deliver high quality projects on time and on budget to satisfied customers.

What we do. Through the use of the Project Management Institute (PMI) standards, the PMO provides a solid foundation by creating an environment of measurable, disciplined Project Management professionalism.

How we do it. Using a framework created by the PMO and tailored to the needs of MCSD, the PMO will:

  • Initiate the project through meeting with stakeholders to gather requirements;
  • Plan the work that needs to be done;
  • Confirm Execution of the tasks and activities necessary to complete the work;
  • Monitor & Control the work to make sure it will meet the goals of the project;
  • Close the project, capturing lessons learned to apply to future projects.

How do we measure success? The success of the PMO is derived from the success of its stakeholders. To the PMO, success includes identifying and measuring acceptance criteria to ensure the project achieves stated goals.

Business Process Services

Using Lean Six Sigma Standards, the PMO:

Identifies Organizational Business Processes

  • Do your processes support the services you offer?
  • What new processes need to be created and implemented?
  • Do your customers understand their role in the process?
Document the Processes
  • Who are the process owners?
  • What is the level of quality required?
  • What are all the steps and objectives of the processes?
  • What tools or techniques are applied in each process step?
  • Who owns each process?
  • Who monitors the process?
  • How will you know it is working and working well?
Analyze (Post-Mapping)
  • Is the process efficient?
  • Does it make sense?
  • Is the process aligned with departmental, division and district objectives?
  • Are there too many approvals or too much re-work?
  • Are there too many delays or bottlenecks?
Continual Improvement
  • What changes should I make?
  • Who approves the changes?
  • Who needs to know about the changes?

Strategic Services

The MCSD PMO guides leaders to spearhead change in their areas using various consulting tools and practices. Brainstorming and road mapping will define the pathway to success. These questions may sound like:

  • How do I generate, develop, and communicate ideas?
  • How can I break down barriers outside of my department?
  • How do I explain what we do?
  • How can I define and enhance the vision and mission for my team?
  • How can I get everyone working towards the same goal?
  • Will my goals lead my team to achieve our vision?
  • How can I better market my team?
Solution Development
  • How do I create goals and objectives for my team that align with the district as a whole?
  • How do I build value within my department?
  • How can I get my team to collaborate on ideas and solutions for our team?
  • How can I make my meetings more productive?
  • How do I determine what my stakeholders need from my department?

PMO Vision

Our driving force is to be known and valued as a catalyst, guiding our partners to success.


Guiding Success . . . Start to Finish


Trust - The trust of our teammates and customers is important to our mutual success.
Teamwork - We rely upon teamwork to create our successes and celebrations.
Fun - We instill fun into our work, as appropriate, because we want to enjoy what we do and who we do it with.
Leadership - We demonstrate leadership through serving others.
Persistent - We are persistent in delivering success.

Frequently Asked Questions

The PMO provides unique services to best fit the needs of the district which include, but are not limited to, Project Management, Business Process Services and many other strategic services . Examples include the 2017 AdvancED Accreditation, MCSD Processes and Procedures, Vision & Mission initiatives. The PMO works with schools, divisions, departments and programs to help enable alignment with district initiatives and promote internal and external collaboration.

The Project Management office was originally formed out of the DIS, with the intent of eventually transitioning to a district-wide PMO. In 2014, the PMO branched out from DIS and currently reports to the Office of the Superintendent.

Please email the PMO Team or by phone at 706-748-3266.

Contact Information

Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

Project Manager