Transportation - Student Behavior

General Information

Muscogee County School District has adopted a zero-tolerance approach to misbehavior on the bus. Each student riding a bus is expected to follow the same rules of courtesy and good conduct as in the classroom. These rules are necessary for the safety of everyone who rides. Infractions of the rules are documented by the driver on a discipline notice, and turned in at the school office for the administrator to handle. Bus drivers are not authorized to suspend students; that decision rests with the principal. The principal's decision is final.

Bus Rules:

  • Be at the stop five minutes early
  • Keep your bus pass with you
  • Sit in your assigned seat
  • Get on and off only at assigned stop
  • Share seat if necessary
  • Keep arms and head inside windows
  • No profanity
  • No loud talking, fighting or horseplay
  • No tobacco, drugs or alcohol
  • No eating or drinking
  • No offensive or vulgar objects
  • No weapons or dangerous objects
  • No animals
  • No throwing objects out of windows
  • Stay seated when the bus is in motion
  • Band instruments are permitted if there is room
  • If necessary to cross the street, do so in front of the bus in full view of the driver