Student Discipline - Handbook And Code Of Conduct

General Information

The Muscogee County School District's handbook and Code of Conduct is written to provide information to create a safe and secure learning environment. To identify standards of conduct for students from the time the student leaves home to go to school until she/ he returns home and any time a student is on school grounds. These rules also apply off school grounds while en route to or from any school activity, function or event. Anytime a student is on a school bus or any other transportation furnished by the school district. The school District also addresses certain off campus misconduct including electronic messages whether they originated on school grounds or on school property.

A copy of the Handbook And Code Of Conduct can be located under the Documents and Resources section of the Information page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a student's parents look at the videotape of an altercation between the student and another student?

The recording of a fight or scuffle between two students will be considered educational records of both the victim and the assailant and will be protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. 20U.S.C.& 123g;34C.F.R && 99.10, .31(a)(8),.36. FERPA grants a student and the student's parent access to the student's own educational records but protects that student's records from access by third parties.

Contact Information

Dr. Angela Vickers Chief of Student Services