Teaching and Learning - Magnet and Charter Schools

General Information

Muscogee County School District offers magnet and charter programs within schools that offer a wide variety of concentrated studies.

Elementary School

Each of the elementary school magnets within the district has a unique instructional emphasis. Students must meet eligibility requirements to enroll in any of the magnet academies. The magnets are designed to provide an enriched learning experience for students in addition to the traditional elementary school curriculum. To remain in the magnet programs, students must meet expectations of good behavior and academic progress.

Middle School

There are four Middle School Magnet programs within the Muscogee County School District. In order to enter a middle school magnet you will be required to meet minimum academic and behavioral standards. If you participate in a program of excellence, you will be expected to maintain sound academic performance and exhibit outstanding behavior. The school you choose may require you to sign a contract. Individual schools will publish standards for remaining in their program.

High School

Each of the High School Magnet and Academy Programs is designed to provide an enriched learning experience for students in addition to the traditional high school curriculum. For more information on entrance requirements and space availability please contact the magnet schools directly.

Below is a list of Current Magnet and Charter schools:

Arnold Magnet AcademyMath, Science, and Technology
Britt David Elementary Magnet AcademyComputers Unlimited
Clubview Elementary SchoolInternational Baccalaureate World School and Georgia Charter School
Columbus High SchoolLiberal Arts Magnet
Dimon Elementary Magnet AcademyScience, Mathematics and Resources Technology
Downtown Elementary Magnet AcademyCore Knowledge and Computers
East Columbus Magnet AcademyGifted and Talented
Fort Middle SchoolService Learning
G.W. Carver STEM High SchoolScience/Technology/Engineering/ Technology Magnet
Hannan Elementary Magnet AcademyGifted, Resourceful, Enthusiastic, and Talented Students
Hardaway High SchoolInternational Baccalaureate Programme
Jordan High SchoolMuscogee County Career Academy
Kendrick High SchoolAcademy of Communication Arts and Design
Northside High SchoolEngineering and Engineering Design Magnet Program
Rainey-McCullers School of the ArtsVisual and Performing Arts
Reese Road Leadership AcademyLeadership: Franklin Covey Education--The Leader in Me
Richards Middle SchoolInternational Baccalaureate Programme
Shaw High SchoolMass Communications Academy
Spencer High SchoolAcademy of Computer Science and Electronic Game Design
St. Mary's Road Magnet AcademyVideo and Communications Technology
Wynnton Arts AcademyGeorgia Charter School with Arts Focus

Documents and Resources

MCSD Elementary Magnets and Charters
MCSD Middle School Magnets and Charters
MCSD High Schools Magnets and Charters

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am interested in a magnet or charter program, who do I contact?

Contact the program coordinator located at each school.

Where can I find general information about each of the magnets and charters in the district?

Check the "Documents/Resources" page on this website.

Contact Information

Christine Hull Director of Advanced Learning and Gifted Programs



Or, for more information on entrance requirements, please contact the magnet or charter school staff located at the school.