Board of Education - Board FAQs

  • Formulating policy
  • Providing funds for the operation and maintenance of the system
  • Adopting courses of study
  • Prescribing standards for operation and improvement of the schools
  • Providing for planning, expansion and improvements of facilities
  • Employing personnel
  • Approving the budget, financial reports, and major expenditures
  • Appointing and evaluating the Superintendent

The Superintendent is a professional educator appointed by the Board of Education. The Superintendent does not have a vote but is charged with implementing the policies and procedures formulated by the board. By law, the Superintendent serves as secretary to the Board of Education

The public is invited to attend all Board meetings. The monthly meetings are held on the third Monday of the month in the Board Room at the Muscogee County Public Education Center. All Board meetings begin at 6:00 pm. The agenda is published the Friday prior to the meeting on BoardDocs. Additionally, on the second Monday of every month, the Board of Education meets more informally in a committee and workshop format to discuss proposed agenda items. All work sessions begin at 5:00 pm.

Each Board member receives prior information on each item that is presented during the monthly meeting. On the second Monday of the month the Board meets in a work session and discusses the items in detail. The public is invited to attend these meetings; however, discussion is reserved for Board members. By the time of the formal monthly meeting, each Board member has been thoroughly briefed and has had opportunities to ask many questions.

Any citizen may address the Board of Education at the monthly meeting. In order to do so, please contact Karen Jones, Board Secretary, at 706-748-2018 the week prior to the meeting. All comments should be kept to five minutes or less. The Board does not allow this public forum to be used to criticize a student, teacher, principal, or other school district employee. The Board may need additional information or time to study before responding to your concerns.

In general, solutions are easiest to find when closest to the issue. Therefore, the Board encourages such questions and concerns be addressed first with the teacher, then the building administration. If these conversations do not resolve your issue, please contact the appropriate central office administrator.

The Muscogee County Board of Education meeting is recorded in its entirety and rebroadcast on Columbus Government Access Television (CCG-TV). The broadcast airs daily on the Tuesday following the meeting until the next Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Columbus Consolidated Government Television (CCG-TV) is carried on the following cable systems: Knology Channel 17, Charter Channel 21, Mediacom, Channel 21. Minutes from recent meetings are posted on BoardDocs.

Some minutes from meetings prior to BoardDocs are archived on this website.