Strategic Waivers School (SWSS/IE2) System

What is a Strategic Waivers School System?
A Strategic Waivers School (SWSS/IE2) System is a local school district that operates under the terms of an SWSS/IE2 contract between the State Board of Education and the local Board of Education. The system receives flexibility in the form of waivers of certain state laws, rules and guidelines in exchange for greater accountability for increased student performance. SWSS/IE2 contracts are intended to provide local school districts with the flexibility they need to increase student achievement.

This district flexibility option was created by House Bill 1209, which provided for "Increased Flexibility for Local School Systems" when it was passed in 2008. Originally, school districts that choose this option were known as IE2, or Investing in Educational Excellence Systems. Now they are known as Strategic Waivers School Systems (SWSS/IE2).

What does that mean for Muscogee County School District?
The Muscogee County School District Board of Education voted in June 2015 to apply for SWSS/IE2 status. Since that time, the district has reviewed and analyzed data to complete the application. Public hearings are scheduled for March 1 at Northside High School and March 3 at Carver High School to provide opportunities to share information with parents, district stakeholders and the citizens of Muscogee County and for them to ask pertinent questions before final recommendations are presented. Each public hearing will begin at 6:00 PM.

School Plans - IE2 Strategic Waiver Applications